Zam Barrett Spring/Summer 2011

Zam Barrett Spring/Summer 2011Move over everyone! There’s a hot new menswear line from New York by Zam Barrett that caught our attention. It’s a fresh blend of tailoring and avant-garde aesthetics like we’ve not seen before. While aspects of the overall look and feel are reminiscent of other lines we currently love, Barrett‘s mix of free flowing loose fit menswear is tailored in a way all its own. Pay special attention to the pants and shorts to get a better idea of what we mean.

Zam Barrett Spring/ Summer 2011 collection, themed, Voices of Vice and Virtue, explores the socio-historical applications and consequences of the two philosophical concepts of vice and virtue.

A technically accomplished tailor who is drawn towards the Avant Garde end of the fashion spectrum, Barrett‘s work can be term as “philosophic minimalism” that is borne from the soul of an unwavering artisan.

Stand out pieces in this collection included the “40 stripes save one” shirt, inspired by an ancient Jewish torah law which forbids a malefactor from receiving more that 39 lashes for crimes committed and “Socrates Hemlock Shirt” inspired by the execution of the philosopher as written in Plato’s Phadeo.

Fabrics in the collection are exclusively natural fibers such as linens, cottons, silks and leather. Do yourself a favor and look closely at each of the larger images below. We promise, you’re going to like what you see. We can’t wait to get a pair of Barrett‘s shorts next spring. They’re perfect!