This Is Not Clothing Collection IV

thisisnotclothingcollectioniv_thisheartsonfireCheck out the Fall/Winter 2016 collection from This Is Not Clothing.

Collection IV features a series of sculptural artwork inspired by Metamorphosis. The artwork explores transformation of biological form and structure, and metamorphosis depicted in Greek mythology. The artwork featured throughout the film and collection are titled Hyacinthus & The Transformation of Dapne. These characters are inspired by the Gods in Greek mythology who transformed into plant matter. In becoming botanical elements, Daphne and Hyacinthus became part of the endless cycle of nature. They will never die, and through metamorphosis, became immortal. Botanical metamorphoses relate to a classical belief in natural rebirth, promising life after death in nature’s endless cycle. The mythology in these stories also explores the boundaries of human existence, and the contrast between the animate and inanimate.

Images below.

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