Ubi Sunt Spring/Summer 2013

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Ubi Sunt Spring/Summer 2013Check out the Spring/Summer 2013 menswear collection from Swedish brand Ubi Sunt.

Ubi Sunt is a menswear concept with high integrity. Our collections exclude no one, yet beckon to those who know who they are and what they want. (more…)

Odeur Spring/Summer 2013

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Odeur Spring/Summer 2013You all know I love Swedish brand Odeur: the collections are modern, minimal, and unisex. If you look closely, this collection, while unisex and very well in that respect, suits the male model better than the female model, which is great for us.

“As if we had overlooked this before, imagine an archaic society, brisk light, clear lineage, cool stares and candid pedestrians, all united in their solemn embrace of light and clean forms. (more…)

Odeur Fall/Winter 2012

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Odeur Fall/Winter 2012Check out the latest from a line I’ve loved since day 1 — Odeur. The unisex collections aren’t more masculine than feminine and vice versa. It’s amazing how they continue to design such a cool, consistent line.

The new Odeur unisex collection Temps de Voyage offers a more strict, and less over sized collection than what we have earlier seen from the Swedish label. The aesthetic language is kept through asymmetrical cuts and a focus on details in the garments. For this season Odeur introduces wool coats and fine cashmere jersey. The palette of the winter collection is more intensely dark than previous ones. (more…)

Uniforms for the Dedicated | Blue Cone Colony

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Obscur Fall/Winter 2012

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Obscur Fall/Winter 2012Check out the Fall/Winter 2012 collection from Obscur.

Obscur is built on a self-evident principle regarding the design – a garment’s true value can only be fully recognized when it is being worn. designer Richard Söderberg creates the clothes after absorbing the spirit of the dark and misty landscapes of his home country. His deep love of dark scandinavian music is also of great inspiration and has been translated into the garments. (more…)