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We were checking out a few of our favorite indie labels’ sites and we came upon a band called Sonoi that you’ve gotta check out. It’s really hot.

Members of Manishevitz and The Curious Digit have resurfaced under a new name in Adam Busch‘s latest project, Sonoi. Starting as a collaborative recording project in late 2006 between Busch and Pierce Doerr, the unnamed group was joined by Ryan Hembrey a little less than a year later.

Sonoi made its live debut in February 2008 at the Hideout (Chicago). Despite only operating as a live band for a little over a year, Sonoi have already shared the stage with The New Year, Destroyer, avant-folk leading lights MV & EE and legendary Czech rockers The Plastic People of the Universe.

Sonoi‘s self-titled alt./jazz/pop release will be out 04.27.10. In the meantime, check them out on MySpace, where you can listen to tracks, look at pics, check out tour dates, and read their full bio.