Atelier Brume Fall/Winter 2014

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Check out the Fall/Winter 2014 menswear collection from French brand Atelier Brume. Some of the pieces in the collection are amazing and the look is a unique combination of elements.

Atelier Brume originates from and is based in Paris. The founders, a pair of ambitious creators with multidisciplinary backgrounds, value craftsmanship of traditional couturiers and manufacture their designs in France. Atelier Brume implements a vision of sophistication and strength in an elegant, progressive garment.”

“Designs by Atelier Brume reference history and nature in contemporary yet timeless pieces. Dynamic silhouettes are constructed to effortlessly accentuate the wearer’s individuality.”

Check out the full collection on Atelier Brume‘s official brand site.


Jerome Dreyfuss Fall/Winter 2014

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I love this guy’s bags, especially his super luxe duffle bags. They’re insane. Check out the latest from French designer Jerome Dreyfuss.

“Jerome prides himself on working with the world’s finest materials – butter soft calfskin, lambskin, goatskin or reptile skin. He christens each bag a male name as a reflection of his own personality and the brand’s friendly, down-to-earth appeal. ‘I’m the kind of guy who is always making jokes at the office,’ Jerome explains. ‘I like to laugh, and naming each bag is an extension of my humour.’”

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Sandro Fall/Winter 2014

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Check out an awesome Fall/Winter 2014 menswear collection from French brand Sandro. The more I look at it, the better it gets. Look book images after the click. (more…)

thamanyah Spring/Summer 2015

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Another cool collection from Ahmed Abdelrahman and his menswear label Thamanyah. More sporty wearable pieces is always a good thing.

Thamanyah (Arabic for the number eight) is the work of Dubai-born designer Ahmed Abdelrahman, a protege of Michelle Lamy and Rick Owens. He’s crafted another collection of reworked Arabic wear — cool wool kandoras, alongside beautifully tailored shirting and pants.”

Check out select images from the S/S 15 collection after the click. (more…)

Misomber Nuan Spring/Summer 2015

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I love Misomber Nuan.

“Our methodology begins with disturbing the premise underlying elements prevalent in conventional cuts and with deliberating on neglected subtleties. Visually provocative details in the collection are symbolic references of atypical human behaviour embedded within the human psyche. Their gradual surfacing to the façade conveys the process of coming to terms with one’s vulnerability and resignation to an order beyond one’s control.”

“Composed of abstracted illusive thoughts, “Misomber”, an interpretation of the dismal human psyche and “Nuan”, a veiled presence of the designer together craft a vision that is the reflection of emptiness and void, hidden details, mysterious veils, strong emotions and finally, the desire to connect subliminally with the audience.”

Check out images from the Spring/Summer 2015 collection after the click. (more…)