INAISCE Fall/Winter 2013

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Another amazing menswear collection from New York line InAisce. The images and the clothes for the Fall/Winter 2013 collection rock. I’ve said this a few times more than usual recently, but I’d say this is their best collection so far. Everything came together perfectly.

The Fall/Winter 2013-14 Collection, Seeking Aether, explores the sense of exile felt by the human heart. It is a study of the quest for belonging and purpose despite the fog of mystery shrouding our origins, and an expression of hope for eventual homecoming.


INAISCE Fall/Winter 2013/14 Sneak Peak

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Y-3 Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign

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Check out the campaign images for the Fall/Winter 2012 from Y-3. The end of December is a weird time of year: we’re really just getting into winter in terms of temperatures (and the official start date) but all of the winter clothes in stores are already on sale, slowly but surely making room for the middle to end of January shipments of the Spring/Summer 2013 collections and New York Fashion Week is showing collections for F/W 13. (more…)

Siki Im Spring/Summer 2013 Runway

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I didn’t think I’d posted on Siki Im’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, but in looking just now I realize that I did. Since I love the collection so much and since the images his PR agency sent me are so much better than the ones I used originally, I’m posting on it again. Check it out after the click. (more…)

Highland Spring/Summer 2013

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Check out the Spring/Summer 2013 menswear collection from Highland.

Originally formed in Venice, CA, in 2009, the trio that makes up the creative force of Highland – lead designer Lizze Owens, Mike Franks, and Cramer Tolboe – have now settled in New York to cultivate their contemporary label. (more…)