Denis Music

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Check out a very cool jewelry line from designer Denis Music.

Denis Music is a Ukrainian jewelry designer, who excels in contemporary style. Invigorated by the unceasing exploration of new techniques, materials and forms, Denis goes far beyond craftsmanship by creating what can only be described as ‘mobile art objects’. His unique creations are designed to emphasize their wearer’s intelligence and refined style as opposed to flamboyance.
All jewelry is hand-crafted in limited quantities.”

Images to follow. (more…)

Tobias Wistisen Spring/Summer 2014

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Another amazing men’s jewelry line from Germany mastermind Tobias Wistisen. Check out the collection in all its glory after the click. (more…)

Werkstatt Muenchen Fall/Winter 2013

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Another awesome collection of men’s jewelry from German brand Werkstatt Muenchen. This collection, in addition to necklaces and rings, they’ve included a bag or two, some silver bowls, a leather wallet with a silver clasp, and some leather belts and bracelets, all of which have that rough-hewn, rugged look.

Check out images from the F/W 13 collection after the click. (more…)

Aoud Fall/Winter 2013

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Check out the latest collection from men’s jewelry line aoúd.

Designed for the Japanese market – where all the Western subcultures are experienced in a very deep way, almost fetishist – the second collection of aoúd, made of silver and brass and produced entirely in Italy, brings us back to the atmospheres of the chopper culture.

The sacred symbols of the first collection are strong again and combined with modern rosary beads and wallet chains they create the connection to an imaginary scenario of the ’60’s, where gang of bikers were beautifully described by Hunter S. Thompson (in his report of the Hell’s Angels ’67) and by the photographer Bill Ray (in an article for the American magazine Life ’65).

See the full collection after the click. Don’t forget to check out their official site and Facebook fan page. (more…)

Margiela Double Brass Ring

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Leave it to Margiela to make something super chic in brass. It’s genius in its elevating brass to the level of sliver, gold, and platinum. Who would have thought brass could look so good?

Get yours from Luisa Via Roma‘s eShop.