David Lindwall Fall/Winter 2012

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david lindwall fall/winter 2012Check out the latest offerings from designer David Lindwall. In addition to the tees we’ve come to love, he’s included jackets and knitwear in the Fall/Winter 2012 collection. (more…)

David Lindwall | All Is Dark

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David LindwallOur friend David Lindwall — artist, designer, man about town — has just released his latest collection of tees. If you’ve seen prior collections, you’ll know he’s a master when it comes to mixing just the right elements graphically to keep the shirts cool and always on the darker side of things, but never crossing any lines.

The fit, fabric, and wash are top notch and, let’s just say, when it comes to color, he knows what people like to wear: washed blacks and whites. Check out his site for for more info. If you’re in New York, stop by Seven, who carry the line and sell out quickly. Don’t forget, he sells directly form his site, which is the best way to go. Make sure to surf around the site while you’re there to check out other projects he’s worked on. His work is really amazing.

New York Stories | David Lindwall

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Ju$t Another Rich KidNew York artist, designer, and taste maker Ju$t Another Rich Kid picked 5 of his favorite hometown creatives, who were photographed by Brooklyn‘s Paul Mpagi Sepuya for the latest issue Portuguese lifestyle magazine Zoot. We’ll be showcasing said photos along with the questions and answers posed to the designers, artists, and musicians over the next few weeks.

Next up: New York designer/artist David Lindwall.

Name and Occupation

David Lindwall – Mastermind and Creator

When did you move to New York?

I’ve lived on and off in New York throughout my life, the first time I lived here was when I turned 21 and I always known that this would be a place I’d come back to. I permanantley moved to Brooklyn just before Christmas 2008.

What drew you here?

The life I live and the women of my dreams.

What keeps you here?

The notion of not being bored.

New York has changed a lot of the past several years. What do you miss most about “old” New York?

I see it more as I’m the one that’s changed, and I find thrills in new things, like I’ve extended my view span from drinking beer in shitholes to using my brain to do more than just decay. There is a drive in New York that I haven’t found in any other city I ever lived, and I’ve done quite a few. There is a want in everyone’s eyes for something better, and here people help each other to reach their potentials rather than beating each other down. It’s like a pack of rats, instead of fighting-over-the-breadcrums-on-the table-attitude; it’s more like hey-guys-if-we-work-together-we-can-use-the-oven-and-more-a-hole-new-loaf-of-bread-and-we’ll-all-have-more-bread-than-we-can-eat-kinda-thing.

Current projects?

Right now I’m working on a collaboration with DSM Market (Commes des Garcon) in London that I’m very exhited about. Also doing a exhibition of my (well I guess I should define it as art, but I choose not to) stuff at London Fashion Week at Somerset House on the 23rd of September (12.00 to 14.00) that should be worth a visit. I’m also doing a collaboration in Japan that I can’t say too much about right now but good stuff; and of course, I’m working on my new collection together with 2 big ass heavy art pieces. For details and general confusion please visit www.davidlindwall.com