Charles Lutz Re-Make/Re-Model Opening !!

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Charles Lutz Equivocal Voids Brillo BoxNew York artist Charles Lutz is having an opening Re-Make/Re-Model tonight (Thursday, 02.09.2012) from 6-8pm at Hionas Gallery (89 Franklin Street) in Tribeca.

Since I last covered his work, Charles has been working a lot and on some amazing new work, including stainless steel glossy black Brillo boxes, an insanely cool series of all black “sex” paintings, and on a series entitled Aftermath, which I love.

For more information and imagery, check out his official site.


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Charles Lutz What Makes An IconIf you’re walking around New York anytime during the next month, check out the installation What Makes An Icon by Brooklyn artist Charles Lutz.

What Makes an Icon? is the first large-scale installation project by Charles Lutz in New York. The project encompasses 4 billboards throughout New York City as well as a full-page advertisement in the November issue of Art Forum International. The project explores the idea of re-advertising, communicating to his audience through the traditional advertising mediums of the billboard and magazine ad.

For more info, check out Lutz‘s site.

The billboards can be found at the following locations: 1) “Hangman” 49 Prince Street @ Mulberry Street 2) “What Makes an Icon?” 282 Hudson Street @ Dominick Street 3) “Is Jeff Koons Charles Lutz’s Ed Paschke?” 29th Street @ 8th Ave 4) “The End of Art” (Memento Mori) 38th Street @ 8th Ave NY, NY.

Charles Lutz | Charts, Price Lists, Corrections, and other Relevant Statements

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Charles Lutz Well Oiled MachineIf you’re in town this weekend, stop by the Five Myles Gallery in Brooklyn to check out a solo show by one of our favorite artists Charles Lutz.

Taking place at Brooklyn’s Five Myles Gallery, “Charts, Price Lists, Corrections, and other Relevant Statements” is the most significant and ambitious exhibition of new work by the artist to date. The series is a prelude to the artist’s allegorical based paintings to be shown this November at Gallerie Nordine Zidoun in Luxembourg.

In this most recent series “Charts, Price Lists, Corrections, and other Relevant Statements” Lutz takes a closer look at the monetary figures and rhetoric that have come to characterize the Contemporary Art Auction Market today. Each painting features a carefully selected document from the Contemporary Art auction market, ready-made subjects that include quotes, images and price lists disseminated by auction houses in pamphlets and catalogs.

Read more on the Facebook event page for the opening and make sure to check out Lutz‘s site for more images of works in the show.

“Charts, Price Lists, Corrections, and other Relevant Statements”
Charlez Lutz
Five Myles Gallery (558 Saint Johns Place)
07.10 – 08.01.10
Opening: Saturday 07.10.10 5-8pm

Charles Lutz | Momento Mori

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Charles Lutz Momento MoriNew York artist Charles Lutz has a new series of work out — Momento Mori — based on Warhol‘s infamous Brillo boxes. Instead of merely replicating Warhol‘s work, Lutz recreates the boxes and destroys them in an attempt to move the record needle of the art world forward from its 30 year Warholian skip.

Says Lutz: Memento Mori in its literal translation from Latin is ” Remember you must die”. Rather than the more commonly seen explorations of mortality through the paintings of skulls and references to the passage of time, I look at Memento Mori as a way of destroying the past to make a new. Much like Rauschenberg‘s Erased de Kooning Drawing, Memento Mori serves as a clear and literal breaking point from the formal ideals and the deification of works of the pop movement and derivative work of the past decade.


Charles Lutz | Warhol Denied

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Charles Lutz Warhol Denied

Check out New York artist Charles Lutz. He’s incredibly talented and he’s got what it takes to make it big. Just give him a little more time and I guarantee you’ll be hearing his name a lot more.

Lutz went to Brooklyn‘s Pratt Institute and, upon graduating, landed a job as one of Jeff Koons studio assistants. For those who don’t know, by studio assistant, I mean painter. It’s well known that Koons doesn’t paint or make any of his own work, relying on the talents of artists like Charles to paint for him. The level of skill these guys and gals have is quite astonishing, which you know if you’ve ever seen any of Koons paintings. The details, the colors, and the precision looks more like the work of a machine rather than a human.

Charles Lutz is a New York based artist whose work has been exhibited through out the United States and abroad. Lutz‘s works deal with the very nature of the current economic, social, and art markets at the time of their creation. The works are a visual record of the current time. Lutz addresses issues like commerce, luxury, greed, lust, as well as the contemporary art market through painstaking techniques, utilizing a thrift and sensibility that only a midwest upbringing could have afforded him.