Elvrik Spring/Summer 2015

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Check out a very sporty Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collection from Elvrik.

Brisbane-based designer Jordan Anderson: ‘The process of naming my brand started with a piece of paper and a pen. I wanted to create a brand that didn’t stem from something with a meaning or connotation attached to it. As i played around with a words and letters on the page things started to come together and once Elvrik rolled off my tongue I new instantly that it had to be the name.’

‘My goal is to create a cult following based around an Australian men’s fashion line. A brand that people hold out to see season after season, I love the Idea of creating something unique with a point of difference from ground bottom. Over the last couple of years there has been a change in men’s fashion and the bravery of men has increased immensely giving me a platform to create a collection with new silhouettes and bursts of intense colour but still keeping it tailored and concentrating heavily of fit and beautiful fabrics.'”

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From Britten Fall/Winter 2014

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Check out a very cool Fall/Winter 2014 menswear collection by From Britten.

“Progressive reductionist design, through time honored menswear and tailoring. FROM BRITTEN P/L is the product of Alexander and Tim Britten-Finschi. The Melbourne-based label’s philosophy stems from the utility and history of menswear. Seemingly simple at first glance, their designs are evidently complex and cleverly considered, demonstrating close attention to detail, finish and function; From Britten P/L ensures that the aesthetics achieved by elements of function are not lost in the pursuit of form.”

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Roger Tait Man | F U T U R I S M – WINTER 2014

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Song For The Mute Fall/Winter 2014 Runway

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I pretty much love everything Australian brand Song for the Mute does. I covered look book images from their Fall/Winter 2014 menswear collection here. Check out select runway images of the same collection after the click. (more…)

Wrangler Australia Fall/Winter 2014

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Check out a very cool menswear collection from Wrangler Australia.

“The seeds of Wrangler were sewn in 1904, when an enterprising denim factory worker by the name of CC Hudson (and his brother Homer) setup the Hudson Overall Company. Dedicated to producing top quality, durable work clothes for railway workers on America’s East coast, it wasn’t long before the brothers saw sales boom with an ever-increasing demand for the company’s fine cut denim.”

“Trends have come and trends have gone, but our focus has remained the same; It’s all about the jeans. This is a non compromising position that has given the brand iconic status. Wrangler in Australia is designed by a small devoted team in Melbourne.” (more…)