Christopher Raeburn + Porter Giveaway !!

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Thanks agin to East Dane for a great giveaway last week. The site’s got lots of awesome stuff.

Up this week: a sick sick sick bag from Christopher Raeburn + Porter (retail $875). It’s equal parts cool, practical, and versstile. Weekend trip? Yep. Gym bag? Yep. Work bag? That too. I love it.

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Officine Creative Sneakers Giveaway !!

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Y’all went batshit crazy for the Hershel Supply Co backpacks last week. I couldn’t agree more Those bags rock.

Up this week: a seriously cool pair of sneakers from Officine Creative. Tis the season for slip-ons and this black mesh leather Superbasket Sneakers (retail $600) are awesome!

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about bags. My duffel bag is becoming a problem: not only is it always heavy (filled with gym clothes and sneakers) but one of my hands is occupied, which isn’t very convenient for taking photos for Instagram and such. Side note: you should really follow me on Instagram. All of this has made me realize given I live in NYC and have a bag most days, it’s time to switch back to a backpack to free my hands up.

Check out Haerfest‘s (prounced Harvest) bags. They’ve got all types, but their backpacks are particulary awesome. Pics after the click. (more…)

Herschel Supply Co. Giveaway !!

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You’ve seen them around. Two years ago (maybe less) out of the blue Herschel Supply Co. backpacks started popping up on all over New York.

For all the city dwelling bag carrying guys having a cool backpack option was welcome. Besides having both hands free to take photos, text, and the like, it’s just better for your body to have the weight evenly distributed.

Up this week 2 backpacks (retail $105) from Herschel Supply Co.

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Knockarounnd Sunglasses Giveaway !!

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Cool affordable sunglasses?? Who woulda thought. Up for grabs this week: 3 pairs of Knockaround Sunglasses (retail $14 – $40).

Knockaround was founded in 2005 by Adam “Ace” Moyer. Merging classic East Coast prep style of his Virginia upbringing, his interest in design and fashion, and a newfound love for the sunny, laid-back lifestyle of Southern California, Ace created a company centered around a sunglasses line that was simultaneously practical and stylish.”

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