Songzio Fall/Winter 2011

Songzio Fall/Winter 2011Another great menswear collection for Fall/Winter 2011. This time by Korean designer Songzio. Check out our coverage of his equally awesome Spring/Summer 2011 collection here.

Songzio‘s take on men’s fashion is fresh and looks like no other menswear collections we’ve seen. The jackets in the pic above are perfect examples of what we mean: they’re not crazy avant-garde designs, but the way the designer tweaks and finesses the details is uniquely his own.

Songzio‘s style communicates a man’s dreams and aspirations; it is a means of understanding and evoking the future. The designer takes his inspiration in plenitude, refinement and subtlety: a style which corresponds to lyric’s boys dreaming of unknown grounds. Songzio‘s designs are notable for the precision of their construction and the mix of tailored and loose fits perfectly balanced.

Check out the full collection after the click.