Siki Im S/S 17

SikiImSpringSummer2017_ThisHeartsOnFireCheck out the Spring/Summer 2017 menswear collection from Siki Im

“The work of an intellectual is not to mold the political will of others; it is, through the analyses that he does in his own field, to reexamine evidence and assumptions, to shake up habitual ways of working and thinking, to dissipate conventional familiarities, to reevaluate rules and institutions and to participate in the formation of a political will (where he has his role as citizen to play). – Michel Foucault

There are certain statements and sentences of poems that we come across during our youth while studying that leave a deep impression on us, and that influence our actions at a later moment in our lives, be it in a conscious or unconscious manner. For Siki Im, the above statement by Foucault is that. Exploring the boundaries of institutional and conventional design and craftsmanship, Siki Im strives to reevaluate the existing landscape and create his own multi-disciplinary work.”

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