Scott James Spring/Summer 2012

Scott James Spring/Summer 2012The former owner of hip menswear shop Kulhman has a new venture — a menswear line called scott james.

In creating the signature scott james look, designer and founder Scott James Kuhlman draws inspiration from his love of unique fabrics from all over the world. Blending classic Italian craftsmanship with refreshing design elements, scott james evokes a rich yet sensible contemporary aesthetic that the American man can appreciate.The scott james collection is grounded in a traditionally neutral palette of gray, navy and brown, but it is Kuhlman’s brilliant use of color and texture that sets the scott james man apart. Vibrant shades of orange, purple, green and pink, as well as complex patterns and lush fabrics infuse classically cut pieces with a modern edge that is accessible to the U.S. consumer.

Check out the full scott james Spring/Summer 2012 below.