Raun v. Rad

Rad Hourani Interview by Raun LaRoseNew York menswear designer Raun LaRose took some time to interview fellow New York designer Rad Hourani. Check it out.

Can you tell us what motivated you to become a designer ?
I used to shop alot when I was a stylist and I couldn’t find the exact pieces that I was looking for. One day, I decided to design a unisex wardrobe for myself that reflects my way of being. It was in 2007 in my apartment in Paris, it was fun time!

Your celebrating your 5th Anniversary. What can we expect from you in the future ?
A 5 years of unisex book and a movie soon and more photography exhibits.

You are the first designer ever to introduce a high end unisex label. Did you always intend to be a unisex designer ?
Yes. The idea came to me when i was trying to understand the world and how we function as humans on this planet. It was not something that I always knew, it was a learning process of how we are limited and programmed in a way.

You normally tend to carry a strict color palette through out your collections. Is there a story behind that ?
If I add a color, it means i feel like wearing it, so i guess the story is about how i feel at that period of time, but feelings that can be timeless in a way.

You only show your RAD by RH Collections here in the states and your primary collections overseas. Is it perhaps due to the restrictions in the US market ?
Not really. The RAD by RH is the ready to wear line which fits perfectly with the energy of NYC and the RH is the haute couture collection that fits in Paris. I’ll be showing my first haute couture collection this coming July in Paris after 5 years of collections, it’s very exciting and challenging. But above all, I don’t want to restrict my collections to countries or cities as I’m not a nationalist. Everything I do is from nowhere and everywhere as I believe that it’s very limited to think of dividing the planet earth into countries names.

I’ve noticed that you are injecting more color into your collections (S/S 12, A/W 12) Have you ever considered producing a collection with prints or even bright colors ?
I’m planning on designing some prints soon and I want to really take my time to do as it’s very easy to do a print but it’s very difficult to design a timeless print. It is the same when you design, I find it very easy to add things and shapes, but it’s extremely difficult to limit your self to extreme perfect minimalist which i enjoy alot as it’s challenging.

If you could design for any house who would it be and why ?
Pierre Cardin as he had a great vision that can be very powerful today if it’s well done.

Are there any designers that you look to for inspiration or that inspire your work ?
I don’t look at any designers work as I will not be doing what I do if I can find what I want somewhere else. I’m inspired by everything in life from the street to food to technology or a word that you may say. It’s very organic in a way.

If you could design something for anyone past or present who would it be and why ?
People who helped change the world like Michael Jackson, Mother Teresa, etc.

What does Rad like to do on his spare time ?
There’s no spare time, my work is my life. I must say that i’m recently kind of obsessed with sports, i’m enjoying it more than ever.