Penfield Fall/Winter 2010

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CuriumThere’s a menswear and accessories line from Spain called Curium that we were tipped off to recently that we quite like, especially their bags.

Says the designer: “Curium explores male sexuality. It takes us to the world of ethereal and tenuous senses. A sophisticated and subtle sexuality, with no artifices.” Touch! For more info and more images, check out Curium‘s site.

Mjolk Spring/Summer 2011

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Mjolk Spring/Summer 2011Just in: images from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection from menswear line Mjolk. We really love this line. It’s no surprise to us to find out that the designer — Lars Stoten — is Danish, the masters of creating simple, timeless designs that are both functional and stylish.

At the beginning of the design period for this collection, Mjolk moved permanently into a new studio in the Chinatown in Manhattan. As designer Lars Stoten rode his bike up the East River to the studio every morning, he was faced on one side with the majesty of the East River, and on the other with the grit and pungency of New York City in the summertime.

The space occupied while designing is essential to concept development for the Mjolk collections, and this season it is the clash of generations and cultures, the dichotomies of old and new, the smells, colors, and textures, the beauty and sadness of downtown Manhattan and its history, that show through in the range.

Palette, proportion, and sense of line further dictate the theme and personality of the range. An exercise in color theory and the art of design, the Mjölk Spring/Summer 2011 collection draws from the mechanics and history of visual art, focusing on relationships between colors and shapes, and the affect these manipulations have on the viewer.

See for yourself in the images below. For more info, visit Mjolk‘s site.

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Ju$t Another Rich Kid + Tobias Wong Gold Pills Giveaway!

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Ju$t Another Rich Kid + Tobias Wong Gold PillsSo you think you’re money, huh?

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Muscles | Girls Go Crazy

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