Sleigh Bells | Kids

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Sleigh Bells Kids

We just connected our Roku with Hulu Plus and set up the Vimeo channel. That’s a mouthful! So we were watching videos on Vimeo and up comes a super cool, unauthorized video for Riot Rhythm. Check it out here. We’d almost forgotten about these guys. Don’t you forget about Sleigh Bells! Listen to their track Kids in the player below. They still rock rock rock.

Daily Desire | Alberto Fasciani Horse Boots

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Alberto Fasciani Horse Crust Low BootsTo all the daper gentlemen out there, we bring you a pair of Zip Up Horse Boots by yet another Italian leather master — Alberto Fasciani. Fasciani‘s collections fuse traditional Italian craftsmanship with impeccable aristocratic sensibilities. He molds and produces shoes with an ancient taste using thick, rich, extra fine leathers.

Get yours from LUISAVIAROMA‘s

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Toro Y Moi | Still Sound

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Toro Y Moi Still SoundListen to the first track — Still Sound — from Toro Y Moi‘s forthcoming record Underneath the Pine.

Columbia, South Carolina’s Chaz Bundick (aka Toro Y Moi) rose to the fore of the music blogosphere in summer 2009 when he and a few peers made their hazy bedroom recordings the most talked-about sound of the season. Critics across the board took notice of the range of his compositions, and his debut album, Causers of This, showcased his ability to make elements of Brian Wilson‘s pop, 80s R&B, and Stones Throw hip-hop coalesce into a distinct sound that’s as suitable for a dancefloor as it is a pair of headphones.

When Chaz first signed to Carpark Records, the plan was to release two records in 2010– one electronic and one with live instrumentation–and although it didn’t quite fit into the same calendar year as his debut, Underneath the Pine is that latter offering. This release sees him following the same creative urges to completely different ends. Having spent the year listening to film composers like Ennio Morricone and François de Roubaix, Bundick returned to his home in Columbia, the birthplace of many Toro tracks of yore, to bring his new ideas to fruition.

Check out Still Sound in the player below.

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Excepter | When You Call

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Dominic Louis Spring/Summer 2011

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Dominic Louis Spring/Summer 2011We got images of the Spring/Summer 2011 collection by New York designer Dominic Louis and they piqued our interest.

Dominic Louis is: a unisex clothing company and lifestyle, domestically produced with a strong menswear influence. The concept has grown from dream to reality in a full collection that will emotionally inspire the client in their everyday life. The hope of the young artist is to offer a new idea of dressing and instill a common power of confidence in its inhabitant, as well as the same passion and determination that went into the creation of collection.

At first glance, we love the overall look and feel of the collection and think some of the pieces are amazing. We’ll admit, though, that when we look at the designs in the collection individually, we only love 1/3 of them, are on the fence about 1/3 of them, and don’t like the other 1/3 much at all. We do, though, see potential for the collection to develop into something amazing. Only time will tell!

Check out images of Dominic Louis‘ collection for Spring/Summer 2011 below. For more info, check out Louissite.

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