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Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

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Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Fall/Winter 2011Check out the Fall/Winter 2011 menswear collection from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair. It’s amazing. It’s our first time covering the line, which is surprising, given how cool it is. For some reason, we never gave it the attention it deserved. We’re shocked to see how big the line is — the number of pieces is staggering. Even more shocking: how consistent the line is given this fact.

Check out the full F/W 11 collection from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair after the click. For more info and images, check out their official site and their eShop.

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Non-existentThere’s something fishy going on with menswear line Non who we’ve covered for a few seasons now. While editing the images for Fall/Winter 2011, we thought they looked a little too much. See for yourself here. We see lots of photos and lots of Photoshop, filters, color tweaks, etc, but something about this last batch of images from Non looked like they were all fake.

Always giving people the benefit of the doubt, we pushed the thoughts aside, posted the images, and lauded the line for the collection. Then came the emails: customers who have been emailing Non trying to find the line. We get those emails a lot, so we weren’t too surprised. We were surprised, though, that there’s no list of stores on their site and customers said they’ve been emailing for a few seasons without reply. Why, especially in this economy, when you’re designing a line that only a tiny fraction of guys would wear anyway, would you ignore customer requests for a store list??? Then came emails from stores saying they too had been trying to contact Non and no reply. We don’t give out names, but 3 of the very best stores in the world emailed us saying the same thing. Again, any line ANY line, let alone one “making” clothes that 1% of guys would buy, would reply to these stores.

We then emailed Non asking for a list of stores. No reply. We then looked at the photos again and given the above info, it’s pretty obvious, Non is a creative project that involves no clothing. Kudos to the person who created the images, though. Very well done. What we can’t figure out is why would they be doing it for 4+ collections? We think it’s genius, but just want everyone to know that we don’t think any clothing exists, so don’t waste your time emailing them or us. Non is non-existent!

Natural Selection Denim Spring/Summer 2011

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Natural Selection Denim Spring/Summer 2011We love denim!

Natural Selection Denim‘s SS11 collection re-introduces the lightness and handle of Italian mills to the mix. Of note, there is “STRIPPED”, torn, damaged and inspired by rock and roll as well as “PIRATE”, a masterpiece of modern laundry technique to imitate the sun-bleach and sand from wading in the foamy surf on a beach. The brand continues its relentless innovation in authenticity using Japanese selvedge denim, introducing “Wave” to the family of washes for the ultimate denim aficionados.

The collection is fabricated in butter soft Japanese wovens with European linen jersey knits to re-iterate the brands focus on casual masculinity. The “Fly” shirt in selvedge Japanese fabric and “Fleet” linen jersey story are particularly noteworthy.

NS Denim‘s collection for SS11 exudes a relaxed casual attitude, with implication of honest sweat balanced with the deliberate hints of referencing from the military and work wear wardrobe. (Jamool)

Check out images from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection after the click. For more info, check out their Facebook Fan Page and their official site.

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Esben and the Witch | Chorea

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