OneTShirt Spring/Summer 2012

One Tshirt Spring/Summer 2012Check out the Spring/Summer 2012 collection from Italian brand ONETSHIRT.

ONETSHIRT is a communication project through fashion. Inspired by real life, social or environmental issues that request attention, it’s all about the message: listening to what is happening and focusing on a concept. A simple approach to complexity is ONETSHIRT’s philosophy.

Religion is the topic of Spring/Summer 2012. Saints, gods, superheroes: a world of icons and symbols, from spirituality to star system. The contribution of Michael Roberts for ONETSHIRT, at its third season now, is now a continuative presence: artist, illustrator, photographer, former Style Director of Vanity Fair, Michael Roberts’ cut-outs set up a colourful, witty gallery with the ironical portraits of celebrities that are the true modern believed deity.

Check out the full menswear collection from ONETSHIRT below. For more information and images, check out the official brand site.