Odeur Spring/Summer 2011

Odeur Spring/Summer 2011We were so excited to get Spring/Summer 2011 images from the one of our favorite unisex indie lines Odeur. The same pieces are worn by both the male and female models in the images below. It’s incredible how well they’ve managed to hit the unisex mark, as 95% of the outfits work perfectly on both men and women.

The Odeur Spring/Summer 2011 collection is inspired by the Nouveau Riche. Using a mix of bright summer colours in contrast to a more dark scale, this collection is made rich and easy by its mix of materials as well as by details of metallic copper – the new gold.

Our favorites are the pink tees. The hue of pink they use is on spot!

Check out our coverage of Odeur’s Fall/Winter 2010 line here. Check out their official site and, if you want to buy line, check out oki-ni.