Kai-aakmann Men Fall/Winter 2010

Kai Aakmann Men Fall/Winter 2010We were shopping a bit this weekend and stopped in Acne in Soho to look for a t-shirt or tank top. As we knew, but didn’t realize to what degree: Fall/Winter 2010 shipments have arrived at certain stores and been put out on the floor. At Acne, there was only 1 tee in the whole store, the rest was F/W 10 and on a 95F day with our t-shirt drenched with swear from walking around, the last thing we could do is even look at a sweater or jacket!

That having been said, for anyone who wants to get their wardrobe for Fall started, now is the time. Check out the Fall/Winter 2010 collection from Kai-aakmann — a unisex line whose basics we love. Their classic, well-cut, and strike a balance between chic and classic that can’t be denied.

For Fall/Winter 2010, Kai-aakmann continues to re-define the borders of menswear and womenswear with designer, Soonjin Park’s modern approach to unisex dressing. The linear tailoring of blazers and structured outerwear pieces play off the relaxed shapes and silhouettes of billowy harem pants and mini-dresses with voluminous draping detail. Texture and a color palette that mixes a monochromatic darkness with bold shots of red and plum are new for the season and introduce a distinct edge to the masculine/feminine dichotomy that represents the core of the brand.

Check out the images below. For more info, check out the Kai-aakmann‘s site.