Julius Spring/Summer 2011

Julius Spring/Summer 2011One of our favorite lines — Japanese menswear line Julius — just showed their Spring/Summer 2011 collection in Paris. As expected, amazing. Thanks to Fashionisto from whence we borrowed the images.

First, we need to start with a rant: you’ll notice our main image isn’t from the runway. It’s not that we don’t want runway shots, it’s that the runway shots of the show aren’t up to our standards for posting as the main image.

First to the people who produce fashion shows: slow it down. One model at a time on the runway and in the photographers range. Make sure there’s no other model in the line of view for the photographers. No audience feet. No sitting audience members. No busy background patterns, logos, etc. Just the model and a clean background. This season photos have been especially horrible.

Second, photographers: shoot each model at the same spot so each one is the same distance away, the backgrounds match up, etc. And use flash. So many photos this season are so low quality. They’re dull, the exposure is bad, the models are all over the place, there are feet in the background, models piled on each other, etc. We know there’s a rush to get this stuff out (but not really), just get it right. Bad photos don’t do anyone justice!

Designers: remember the monochrome background? There was a reason for it. It doesn’t distract from the clothes or make for hectic photos, where you want the clothes to show. Like a gallery space, keep it simple. No disco balls floating around. No busy patterned wallpaper, etc.

That having been said, this collection is amazing. Make sure to check out the images below and check out our coverage of the Fall/Winter 2010 collection from the line. Oh and don’t forget to check out Juliussite for more info.