Jon Sofferud Evidence/Artifacts 2011

Jon Sofferud Evidence/Artifacts 2011Check out the latest collection — Evidence/Artifacts — from Belgian menswear designer Jon Sofferud.

Evidence/Artifacts is a collection about the translation of claustrophobia and suffocation. The emotional aspect, the effect interpreted into fabric, in which deals with vakuum, compression of jersey and manipulation of the volumes of the shapes.

Says the designer, “Instead of covering the body, I choose to play with the lightness of the clothes and use the details in the technics to highlight the concept, the strangling element and how the duality of light materials are packed in plastic, using the bright colors intensity and let the contrasts fight each other.”

Check out the full collection after the click. Don’t forget to check out Sofferud‘s official site. * Photographer: David van Oost Model: Quentin de Braekeleer (Dominique Models)