Giuliano Fujiwara SS10

Giuliano Fujiwara

Check out the Spring/Summer 2010 collection by Japanese designer Giuliano Fujiwara.

It is paradoxical for Giuliano Fujiwara to be based in Milan, working as a part of the Italian fashion design community. Characteristically Japanese, Fujiwara seems antithetical to everything Italian. He is introverted while Italians are generally extroverted. He under-states while Italians exaggerate. He is reserved while Italians are expressive. Nevertheless, he seems comfortable in Milan where he has lived and worked since 1976, first as a designer for Barbas and then creating his own line of menswear.

The Fujiwara style is a curious mixture of American Ivy League, Japanese stark simplicity, and Italian sensitivity in fabrication and workmanship. Take a typical Fujiwara jacket: it has many similarities to the traditional American style—a straight-cut body, the high button stance, small lapels, the jacket length shorter that the Savile Row prototype.

Read more about Fujiwara here — an extensive bio on the designer. Make sure to check out the designer’s site, which has lots of pics from his Spring/Summer 2010 collection, his F/W 2009 collection, and from various projects he’s worked on. Make sure to check out this entry on Fashion Windows site, where you’ll find pics from F/W 2009 w/out having to navigate through his Flash site. Some of the pieces from this collection are stunning — they’re classic yet simple and new all at the same time. Look at this suit and you’ll see what we mean!