Garland Coo Accessories

Garland Coo AccessoriesThere’s a line from Berlin named Garland Coo we’ve had our eye on for a while. We liked the last collection, but weren’t crazy about the look book images. We just got images from their accessories line, though, and we’ve gotta say they’re hot hot hot.

Garland Coo is a creative collaboration of designer Jasmin Isabel Eckerle and artist Marcel Singer, founded 2009 in the deep south of Germany. With their aesthetic beliefs both refuse to be categorized or assimilated by the establishment. Through their artistic view, Eckerle and Singer express and rise the tension between the polarities fashion – art – and so called “Heimat”.

Read more on their Facebook page and check out their site. Don’t forget to check out the images below. You’ll see why we’re so excited! The accessories and the images are amazing.