Domingo Rodriguez Fall/Winter 2010

Domingo Rodriguez Fall/Winter 2010Check out the Fall/Winter 2010 collection by British menswear designer Domingo Rodriguez. We think it’s awesome!

The Fall/Winter 2010 coollection runs on the basis of the spine, the scaffolding lines of the human figure that everything else is built upon. Pieces echo the body creating skeletal forms created through engineered pattern cutting.

The design is streamlined to give a soft, sleek, refined finish for a collection that draws on situational elegance, consisting of pieces that have no base in any fixed history, yet are resonant of many.

A softly tailored; layered silhouette is a reflection of the fibre content and colour. The culmination of these factors creates a sense of nonchalant luxury with soft lustrous fabrics and textures, cashmere, layered sleek jersey and sheers, softly blistered leather and suede.

Check out the images below. For more info, check out Rodriguez‘s official site!