((Daily Desire) Preventi | Waxed Kudu Boots

Preventi Waxed Kudu BootYou know those woman who have closets ful of shoes in all colors, heights, styles, and such? That’d be us if we had $1,000’s to spend.

We’re in constant shock at how many cool shoes, sneakers and boots are on the market. The more we look, the more we find, and as unlikely as it seems, things just keep getting better and better. There are so many brands in Europe and Asia that make the coolest stuff, much of which isn’t available at all in the US and, if they are, they’re only available at 1 or 2 shops in the whole country, sometimes not even in New York. GASP!

Check out this pair of boots by Italian line Preventi, who we’ve covered before here and here. We say this a lot, but we REALLY want a pair of these. Get yours before it’s too late.