((Daily Desire) Philippe Model Kidskin Hightop

Phillipe Model Kidskin HightopAh. A pair of super cool white sneakers by Philippe Model. We’d love to come home to a closet full of all the hot white sneakers we’ve written about over the past few years. We’re not sure we’d ever make it out of the house, though. How would we ever figure out which pair to wear??

You know our affinity for white sneakers, but these Philippe Model Kidskin Hightops almost made us cheat on the white pair. Once you see the black ones, you’ll know we mean. The black pair is so hot, if we could, we’d buy both. Check out all the styles in the images below or click here to get yourself a pair.

Note to our distressed reader last year who pleaded with us to find him/her an online source for Philippe Model‘s shoes. We know it’s a little late, but…