Cedric Jacquemyn #14

Check out the latest from Cedric Jacquemyn. I love it.

“Heavily inspired on world politics, fueled by his interest in contradictory, Cedric Jacquemyn‘s new collection references the paradox of freedom. Enforced by Heidegger’s concept geworfenheit, that describe humans’ individual existences as ‘being thrown’ into the world. A kind of alienation that human beings struggle against.”

Cedric Jacquemyn’s 14th collection is a physical translation; transparent layered linen blazers and coats give the illusion of things yet to come, of pieces in transformation. A waistcoat half turned inside out makes a transgression into striped garments, highlighting the architectural construction of his tailored silhouettes. Showing the inside of jackets gives the feeling of looking further and deeper.”

Images below.

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