Yelawolf feat Eminem | Best Friend

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Zak Waters | Pony

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Yotel | Yawn + Smartbeds

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending a night at YOTEL New York — courtesy of Yotel — to check out their new Smartbeds + YAWN campaign, which you can watch here.

“The new Serta mattress is designed exclusively for YOTEL. The SmartBed converts at the touch of a button from a fully flatbed to a sofa/couch to create extra space for relaxing and working. YOTEL is also launching an artistic and innovative campaign designed to induce sleep. The 30-minute feature, aptly named ‘YAWN,’ promises to promote sleep even to the most restless of guests.”

My verdict: huge hit. The beds are perfect for watching TV and easily convert to a flat bed, where you’ll experience one of the most comfortable mattresses. It was firm and soft with a hint of memory foam maybe? All I know is I could have laid there all day. Did I mention how soft the linen is?? And the video? Very cool. Your own personal Whitney Biennial-esque artsy sleep video. What more could you ask for??

Check out YOTEL‘s site for more info.


Secaina Hudson | I Ain’t With You

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Controversial: Rihanna | American Oxygen

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