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Yotel | Yawn + Smartbeds

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending a night at YOTEL New York — courtesy of Yotel — to check out their new Smartbeds + YAWN campaign, which you can watch here.

“The new Serta mattress is designed exclusively for YOTEL. The SmartBed converts at the touch of a button from a fully flatbed to a sofa/couch to create extra space for relaxing and working. YOTEL is also launching an artistic and innovative campaign designed to induce sleep. The 30-minute feature, aptly named ‘YAWN,’ promises to promote sleep even to the most restless of guests.”

My verdict: huge hit. The beds are perfect for watching TV and easily convert to a flat bed, where you’ll experience one of the most comfortable mattresses. It was firm and soft with a hint of memory foam maybe? All I know is I could have laid there all day. Did I mention how soft the linen is?? And the video? Very cool. Your own personal Whitney Biennial-esque artsy sleep video. What more could you ask for??

Check out YOTEL‘s site for more info.


Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

From all of us to all of you, Happy New Year!!! We hope this year is better than last and that people everywhere can live productive, happy lives.

New Facebook Fan Page!

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Taking the advice of a social media guru, we’ve created a Facebook Fan Page to replace our Facebook Group. The Fan Pages are newer and better for various reasons we won’t bore you with. Just follow/like us, okay? And if you know about cool stuff, post it there! Thanks.


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CyrusRemember when we went a little crazy talking about that mumblecore movie Puffy Chair and you all asked yourselves “What the F are these crack heads talking about?” If not, refresh your memory. (Hats off to anyone who’d actually seen this prior to our post or who has seen it since.) If you haven’t, rent it. It’s awesome.

Well, last weekend we when we went to see the new Joan Rivers documentary A Piece of Work — which we highly recommend — we saw the trailer for Cyrus, which is by the Jay and Mark Duplass, who made the Puffy Chair.

Cyrus is an amazing movie: its subject matter is true to the mumblecore genre, but with a star-studded cast (who are amazing), a bigger budget, and more experience under their belts, which makes for a smoother ride than their previous films.

Check out the film’s site for more info and to watch the trailer. Our only complaint (and it’s not a complaint that means don’t see it or we didn’t like it b/c we LOVED it) is that the editing of the trailer really makes it seem like it’s only a comedy and it’s not. There’s comedy from start to finish (Jonah Hill and John C. Reilly are incredibly funny together), but it’s not a comedy. It’s comedy mixed with serious mixed with awkward interpersonal life stuff. Go see it. It’s awesome, but it’s not the comedy the trailer makes it out to be.