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Here We Are Now…
Ju$t Another Rich Kid
Silk screen on paper


Ju$t Another Rich Kid INDULGENCES 3

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The 3rd installment of Ju$t Another Rich Kid‘s INGULGENCES consists of 2 sets of American coins — 1 in silver and 1 in gold — stamped with a single diamond by Brooklyn artist Philipp Mohr.

As with the original Indulgences series, INDULGENCES 3 transforms every day objects into coveted objects of desire by casting in them in a different light, or in this case a different metal. The series underscores the artificiality of money and forces the observer to question something as familiar as coins.

For the person who has everything, INDULGENCES 3 coins are at the same time a critique of the luxury market and business’s desire to make everything into a luxury object and every day items we’re all familiar with turned into facsimiles of said items devoid of any use other than things of beauty.

Exclusively available in our eShop!!! Check Ju$t Another Rich Kid‘s official brand site and Facebook fan page.

Paris Kain |Metamorphosis

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Charles Lutz Re-Make/Re-Model Opening !!

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Charles Lutz Equivocal Voids Brillo BoxNew York artist Charles Lutz is having an opening Re-Make/Re-Model tonight (Thursday, 02.09.2012) from 6-8pm at Hionas Gallery (89 Franklin Street) in Tribeca.

Since I last covered his work, Charles has been working a lot and on some amazing new work, including stainless steel glossy black Brillo boxes, an insanely cool series of all black “sex” paintings, and on a series entitled Aftermath, which I love.

For more information and imagery, check out his official site.

Doug Aitken | Black Mirror feat Chloe Sevigny

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