Homunculi @ Canada Gallery

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Matt Greene Canada GalleryWhile we’re back on a mini art tip, stop by Canada Gallery to see Homunculi, featuring the work of Alison Sculnik (check out her video for Grizzly Bear‘s Ready Able here that was recently part of Creative Time‘s At 44 1/2 public art project), Matt Greene, Ruby Neri, and Matthew Ronay.

Check out Canada Gallery‘s site for more info.

Various Artists
Canada Gallery (55 Chrystie Street)
Through 07.11.10

Charles Lutz | Charts, Price Lists, Corrections, and other Relevant Statements

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Charles Lutz Well Oiled MachineIf you’re in town this weekend, stop by the Five Myles Gallery in Brooklyn to check out a solo show by one of our favorite artists Charles Lutz.

Taking place at Brooklyn’s Five Myles Gallery, “Charts, Price Lists, Corrections, and other Relevant Statements” is the most significant and ambitious exhibition of new work by the artist to date. The series is a prelude to the artist’s allegorical based paintings to be shown this November at Gallerie Nordine Zidoun in Luxembourg.

In this most recent series “Charts, Price Lists, Corrections, and other Relevant Statements” Lutz takes a closer look at the monetary figures and rhetoric that have come to characterize the Contemporary Art Auction Market today. Each painting features a carefully selected document from the Contemporary Art auction market, ready-made subjects that include quotes, images and price lists disseminated by auction houses in pamphlets and catalogs.

Read more on the Facebook event page for the opening and make sure to check out Lutz‘s site for more images of works in the show.

“Charts, Price Lists, Corrections, and other Relevant Statements”
Charlez Lutz
Five Myles Gallery (558 Saint Johns Place)
07.10 – 08.01.10
Opening: Saturday 07.10.10 5-8pm

SIREN @ Anna Kustera

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Narcissister Anna Kustera Yes, that’s a picture of the famed (or is it infamous?) New York performance artist Narcissister from The Box. All we know is stuff goes places then comes out. You’ve already seen the pic, so use your imagination.

A show entitled SIREN featuring work by Narcissister and three other artists (Dineo Bopape,
Sally Dennison
, and Pinar Yolacan) opens tomorrow from 6-8pm with a performance by none other than Narcissister. So if you’ve missed her at The Box (like us) stop by the gallery. We’re dying to see what the hype is all about.

Various artists
Anna Kustera (520 West 21st Street)
07.01 – 08.06.10
Opening: 07.01.10 from 6-8pm

Peter-John de Villiers

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Peter-John de VilliersEvery once in a while (sometimes it’s a loooooong while) we go through all of the emails in our “pending” box and clean it out. In the process, lots of times we realize there’s something we were really into, but never posted about it and forgot about it as our in and pending mailboxes filled up.

Case in point: we met an artist named Peter-John de Villiers at a party a while back (don’t ask how long) and he sent us a link to his site. We checked it out and loved his work. He makes these really intense pen and ink drawings that we love called Life Lines that are insanely chaotic, but given his palette of only black and white, minimal at the same time.

Life Lines: The force of motivation behind this series stems from a specific experience I had as a child. In a flash moment, that seemed to last a lifetime, an intense feeling consumed me. I was overcome with a feeling, as if all the information that makes up the universe was being presented to me at once. The interconnectivity of every living thing was crystal clear, information was infinite. I felt the weight of everything in its entirety reduced to the size of a pin point. It was beyond explanation, I was a changed person.

Read more about Life Lines and see more images from the series on his Tumblr. He’s also an amazing illustrator, designer, and photographer. You can see a wide range of his work on his site.

CREATIVE TIME AT 44 1/2 | Three Emerging Artists

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Allison Schulnik Forest At 44 1/2It’s that time of the month again — Creative Time‘s At 44 1/2 video series in Times Square (in conjunction with MTV) will show three films by three emerging artists beginning 06.15.10. We just watched Forest by Allison Schulnik — one of the films that will show over the course of the month — and it’s sick. Gorgeous and trippy with great music.

Creative Time will present one video each by emerging artists Rob Carter, Graeme Patterson, and Allison Schulnik. The artists freshly mine the possibilities of stop-motion animation, which has been used in film making for over a century.

Made entirely from photographic images printed on paper, Rob Carter’s Metropolis (2008) is an abridged narrative history of the city of Charlotte, NC, one of the fastest growing cities in the country.