Bridge & Burn + Kiriko

I love Bridge & Burn. Check out this collaboration with Kiriko.

“Uniting classic American workwear and a minimalist Japanese aesthetic, the Bridge & Burn x Kiriko collaboration presents a unique, stylish collection of men’s and women’s apparel, featuring heritage Japanese textiles within a capsule collection of classic Northwest designs.”

“The Portland design partnership was hatched over a round of sake when Bridge & Burn founder, Erik Prowell and Kiriko’s creator, Katsu Tanaka asked each other this question: ‘What is the best of your brand?’ The late-night revelry turned into an entirely new joint collection inspired by trademark Bridge & Burn apparel but incorporating more fashion-forward silhouettes and daring Japanese fabric and texture choices including: Mikawa heritage cotton; Sashi-ori, the fabric used in Kendo and Judo uniforms to act as woven armor; Kasuri-ori, a Japanese weave technique similar to Ikat; Indigo, the popular natural dye used in Japanese cottons; and Sashiko, a decorative stitch that literally translates to tiny stabs.”

Check it out below.

Official Brand Site