Brachmann F/W 17

Check out the Fall/Winter 2017 menswear collection from Brachmann.

“On May 19, 1845, under the leadership of the British polar explorer Sir John Franklin, 133 daring men entered the sea to sail the Arctic Northwest Passage for the first time. Inspired by the then false theory of the ice-free North Pole Sea, they hoped to achieve immortal glory in the Canadian Arctic archipelago. Not until 2014 was the flagship of the tragically ending expedition, the HMS Erebus, and 2016 its sister ship, the HMS Terror, found on the ocean floor of the Canadian Arctic. Where in 1846/47 almost insurmountable pack ice rushed, cruise ships have been going through since the summer of 2008. The false theory of the ice-free North Pole was transformed into a prophecy. Explorer’s Hope.”

Check out images from the presentation below.

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