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“Exploration is at least one half of the working method in design. At the same time, exploration is the human species‘ way of being, conditio humana. We achieve designs, and we live our lives through unfathomable, surprising and meandering events, while boldness, and naiveté are the preconditions for the first, as well as the following stages that draw us into a process that becomes deeper and deeper.

Shot in Schwarzwassertal in the Ore Mountains, Germany, we play with the contrast between artificiality and nature: We create an artifical studio situation within a natural enviornment. A Fotowand interacts with the surrounding rocks and trees, resulting in rather grafical collages. Nature functions as an abstract context, reflecting the lookbook’s foundations. Rather than bringing nature into the studio by way of a Fototapete, we bring the studio into nature.

The scenery catches the virile explorers as they start their journey into the unknown, full of youthful daring, energy and naiveté, looking forward to meeting the unexpected as a challenge.”

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