Avant Toi Men Spring/Summer 2011

Avant Toi Men Spring/Summer 2011God we love the Spring/Summer 2011 collection from Italian line Avant Toi even more than we liked their Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Check that out here.

Sure Avant Toi‘s sweaters are cashmere — and we’ll admit there’s lots of cashmere on the market — but these aren’t just any old cashmere sweaters: they’re painted, washed, smoked, powdered (we made that up, but check out this collection and you’ll know what we mean) and torn in a way that mixes the luxe of cashmere with an edge that gives the line a cool look they can call their own.

Check out the images from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection below. For more info, check out Avant Toi‘s site.