Assembly New York Fall/Winter 2011

Assembly New York Fall/Winter 2011One of our favorite stores — Assembly New York — not only stocks some of the coolest lines in town, but they design their own line, which is equally as hot.

In 2009 Assembly introduced the in-house collection, designed by owner Greg Armas. This collection is a unisex and uniform range, combining exclusively natural and historic fabrics in a spirit of a future-primitive instinct; utilizing the organic technology of those survivalists before us. Garments of linen, cashmere, and fine cotton with leather and pure silk details (fur-lined pockets, suede-lined waistbands..) are intended to create comfort and durability, allowing each piece to stand on its own and achieve archival quality.

Subtlety is paramount and design details are concealed and personal, available only to the wearer. All garments are handsewn in New York City and are available year round in varying and appropriate fabric selections.

Check out Assembly‘s collection for Fall/Winter 2011 after the click. For more information and to check out the other lines they carry, check out Assembly‘s official site.