Acrosphere F/W 16

acrospherfallwinter2016_thisheartsonfireCheck out the Fall/Winter 2016 menswear collection from Acrosphere.

“People fear that the future can not be predicted. At the same time, they’re fascinated by the possibilities of the unknown. Acrosphere continues to offer a futuristic style and functional clothes. Using meteorite texture, different materials stitched, + text printing to stack up the sense of futuristic, and strengthen the function version and cutting details. They choose Tyvek as one of the key material in this season. This patented fabric with many characteristics like high strength, waterproof, environmental protection, and almost weightless. All in all, With the combination of high-tech fabrics and advanced construction. Acrosphere enhances the mobility of wears in an urban environment. Creating a new sci-fi experience of street wear.”

Check out images of the collection below.

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