About400x300this.hearts.on.fire. is the go to site for movers and shakers in the fashion, design, art, music, and creative worlds.

The site is a compilation of things I think are exceptional — from fashion and art to music and movies, design, websites, magazines, restaurants, and everything in between — not because I read it somewhere, but because I have a knack for spotting a trend long before anyone else can even see it coming. You’ll hear about my picks weeks later as they trickle down to other websites and blogs and several months later in the mainstream media.

this.hearts.on.fire. doesn’t follow trends. this.hearts.on.fire. creates them. You’ll always hear it here first. I have an army of dedicated readers who update me throughout the day and who ensure that I’ve heard of the latest and greatest happenings and projects all over the world.

Additionally, I have extensive contacts in the PR world, as well as personal relationships with artists, designers, store owners, buyers, photographers, and gallerists, all of whom — like my army of dedicated readers — ensure that I know what they’re up to at any given moment and what’s on their plates for the coming months. I give you the inside track to what’s hot.

Unlike the other men’s fashion sites out there, I don’t post everything that lands in my inbox. You could say I’m picky. (Very picky!) I scour the web and painstakingly curate information, picking only the best of the best. That’s why the other sites have almost identical content to each other and mine doesn’t.

The site’s so good, you’ll want to keep it a secret, but I guarantee you won’t be able to keep yourself from telling all of your friends. this.hearts.on.fire. is under the radar, but far from unknown. My readers are the people who always make a point of knowing what’s hot first and then make it their mission to tell everyone they know.

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