31 October 2008
BOUDICCA's Scented War Paint

It's the most simple ideas that are usually the most genius. While this isn't the most simplistic idea ever, it's definitely one that takes something very simple -- scent -- and throws a curve ball with it.

"Wode, the revolutionary Art Fragrance from BOUDICCA, explores further the myth around Queen Boudicca (aka Boadicea). Legend has it she and her tribe wore a cobalt blue war paint on their skin that gave them a ferocious and mythical look when advancing into battle. When finally defeated by the Romans, Queen Boadicea killed herself by swallowing hemlock, an extract of which is included in Wode."

"When Wode is sprayed a vibrant cobalt blue mist appears and settles on the skin or clothing. Whether touched or not, the Wode paint begins to fade and within seconds or minutes disappears completely leaving only the scent behind. Wode is packaged in a classic spray paint can. Graffiti is the modern war paint, the most public of all art forms, while steeped in rebellion and anti establishment values."

Read more about Wode, find stockists, and checkout the sexy video here. Available in New York at one of my favorite shops in town Project No. 8. Get it before it sells out. This one will not last long recession or not.

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