06 July 2008
Silversun Pickups

I'm going to keep posting songs and videos by Silversun Pickups until: a) they get famous or b) they come out with a new EP. When they come out with a new EP, I'll keep posting the new stuff until they get famous. Everybody needs to hear these guys.

I really can't believe that I'm just hearing about these guys now and that they're not huge. Although being a band out of LA this day in age means you're going to have to work overtime to prove your worth. No good music has come out of LA in ages. They should really move to New York. Trust me on this one, though: their music works on every level.

Lazy Eye is their big HIT song. Get ready to listen to it 50 times in a row. It's like audio crack cocaine. The first few times I heard it and thought the lead singer was a raspy-voiced chick, a Beavis-like voice in the back of my head kept saying: "She's pissed."

Don't forget to become their friend on MySpace. Maybe that will help them along.

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