03 February 2009
Long For The City + Patti Smith @ MoMA

My obsession with Patti Smith continues.

Just when I thought that Dream Of Life was the only Patti Smith movie made (I really should look even that up on IMDB because I'm probably dead wrong) MoMA launches the 2009 edition of Documentary Fortnight, including Long For The City, filmmaker Gem Cohen's film featuring a glimpse of New York City through the eyes of music legend Patti Smith, one of several films showing as part of New Documentaries Shot on Super 8mm on 02.13.09.

This may be the Digital Age, but after more than forty years small-format film continues to offer unique artistic possibilities. The program includes Anna Azevedo's Dreznica, a lyric description of the dreams of several people living with blindness; Kevin T. Allen's Still Life with Ho Chi Minh, a surprise visit with Ho Chi Minh's personal photographer. Shot on Super 8mm is also playing on 02.19.09. Click here for more info on ticketing policies.

Also of note, The People Speak -- directed by Howard Zinn, Anthony Arnove, and Chris Moore -- opens the series on 02.11.09. If you've read the book A People's History of the United States, you'll instantly recognize the name Howard Zinn. The film highlights examples of resistance to social injustice throughout U.S. history inspire viewers to recognize the power of ordinary people to enact momentous change and has interviews with an allstar lineup of celebrities, including John Legend, Matt Damon, Rosario Dawson, Benjamin Bratt, Marisa Tomei, Danny Glover, Josh Brolin, Viggo Mortensen, Sandra Oh, Eddie Vedder, and others.

Finally, on 02.14 and 02.15.09, I want to see Super, Girls! by Jian Yi. The phenomenally popular Chinese TV show Super Girl Singing Contest was modeled after American Idol. Shot before the show was banned for being "too popular," this candid documentary follows four would-be contestants, ages seventeen to twenty, as they prepare for the pre-screening trials, revealing their inner thoughts, fears, and goals along the way.

Click here for more info on the film series and on individual films. If you're interested in The People Speak, act now. If I've learned anything in the past few years it's that potentially popular film screenings at MoMA sell hard and fast and there's no room to get a spot last minute, no matter who are or who you know.

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