28 August 2009
Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons | Theft of Light

New York's Derrick Cruz -- he's the designer behind the label Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons -- is set to release a new line of men's and women's jewelry during New York Fashion Week called Theft of Light.

Conceptually situated at the crossroads of Native American Mythology and an urban outsider instinct, Theft of Light is a tribute to his father Jun and introduces large and bold looks, re-purposed traditions and creatively up-cycled materials.

After emigrating from Puerto Rico to the US, Cruz's father created a gallery and craft studio in Colorado to revive traditional skills for making tools, decorative and ritual objects. Feathered buffalo headdresses, painted rawhide shields, and lances, knives, bows and arrows and the like soon filled Jun Cruz Gallery to the admiration of both novice and native. In the hands of a nearly lost culture, Jun Cruz had finally found a spiritual home.

Theft of Light then becomes a reminder to me of how seeking familial instincts can make or break a person. Though some are denied this hopeful propensity, many individuals flee stagnation and the dismissal in hopes of finding a new tribe. Some find one and thrive. Others, though successful at gaining acceptance, use their new affiliations to revel impatiently and indignantly towards self-destruction. In this sense, the images I've shared with you are snapshots of what that basic tribal tendency looks like in my head - illustrations for a chapter in my personal book of myths.

Check out the pics below to see for yourself. As with everything Cruz creates, the pieces are like nothing you'll see from another collection.


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