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Aloe Blacc | The Man

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manmade natural Fall/Winter 2014

By Editor in Fashion on April 10th, 2014 | Please comment !! »

Again, Chinese menswear brand manmade natural‘s latest collection is awesome.

M.N‘s ethereal designs are inspired by the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures, multiple expressions of technical, and practiced handcrafts from ever-evolving surroundings. Fusing the chinese traditional artistic, understanding with western clothing history and painting, the collections introduce the designer’s personal aesthetic in the world of fashion. Flowing volumes cutting, and spirit with fabrics, multi-printing and washing etc, in exquisite and carefully selected fabrics, characterize MANMADE NATURAL’s spheres.” Read more »

Ju$t Another Rich Kid | Lips Broken

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Kenzo Shoe Giveaway !!!

By Editor in Fashion on April 10th, 2014 | Please comment !! »

Did someone say K-k-k-k-enzo? That’d be me.

Up this week: Suede Hightop Dress Shoes (retail $425) from … KENZO! I’ve been into this sporty, bright, tone on tone shoe style since they hit two years ago or so.

This pair deftly ups the dressy element of the shoes without losing the cool or sporty feel. As with all shoes and sneakers, I think how great they’d look with shorts.

Click here for your chance to win.