Weekly Giveaway

Damir Doma Sneakers Giveaway!
04 24 2014

These sneakers are sick.

Up for grabs this week is a pair of Hightop Sneakers (retail $355) from Silent by Damir Doma. It’s the first time I’m seeing footwear from the collection and all I say is more, more, more. I want to see more sneakers from this soon. The price is still a bit high for the average consumer, but given how well they fit and wear, it’s within reason for many.

Check out more from the line on thecorner.com.

For your chance to win, email me w/ your name, foot size, and your address. Click on the link so your email doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.



K-k-k-k-kenzo Giveaway!
04 10 2014

Did someone say K-k-k-k-enzo? That’d be me.

Up this week: Suede Hightop Dress Shoes (retail $425) from … KENZO! I’ve been into this sporty, bright, tone on tone shoe style since they hit two years ago or so.

This pair deftly ups the dressy element of the shoes without losing the cool or sporty feel. As with all shoes and sneakers, I think how great they’d look with shorts.

Winner: Babak Naceri