10 Years of Big Art Video

You’ll remember we saw SOS by the Big Art Group last March. We’d link to it, but it was when we were doing a month’s worth of posts at a time, so there’s no direct link to the exact post. In short, we loved it: the show was an amazing blend of fringe art, pop culture, and thought-provoking dialogue all wrapped into one and done like nothing we’d seen before.

Transgressing the formal boundaries of theatre, film and visual arts, Big Art Group is an internationally acclaimed, New York-based experimental performance ensemble. To celebrate 10 years of innovative work, they take over all three Abrons performance spaces with projects past, present, and future. Between 04.15 and 04.18.10, they’ll be putting on 2 shows that, if they’re half as good as SOS, you won’t want to miss.

Check out Big Art Group‘s site for a video recap of the last 10 years and links to buy tickets and Abronssite for descriptions of the shows.