10 Questions | Via Tania

Via Tania Ju$t Another Rich Kid CITY Ken CourtneyWe had the pleasure of interviewing 8 bands for the current issue of CITY, which I will post over the next few week here. And yes, we know there are only 8 questions here, but we lied a little to group these with the other 10 Questions band interviews.

Up next: Via Tania.

With a sound uniquely her own, Via Tania grew up in Australia and moved to Chicago several years back to pursue a career in music. Her delivery is deliberate and breathy — sexy, you might say — with a sound that’s at the same time forlorn and upbeat. She’s as cool offstage as she is on, making her one of the most likeable artists around.

1. Whose music has most influenced yours?

I think Stina Nordenstam.2. What’s your favorite or least favorite aspect of the music industry in the age of the Internet?
Album covers that are an inch in total trying to capture … anything … like wow. Really?

3. Where was the best show you’ve played so far?
I like Toronto‘s audience. All shows are kind of the best depending on what ‘best’ means. Some of our best worst shows have been awesome.

4. Who would you most like to tour with?
My friends, then PJ Harvey.

5. In a perfect world, who would you have produce your next record?
Right now it would be Van Rivers and The Subliminal Kid.

6. Lady Gaga — yes or no?
Yes to art geek, no to music.

7. Do indie bands have groupies?
Sure why not? I wouldn’t know.

8. Do you do karaoke? If so, what’s your song?
“Dream a Little Dream of Me.”