10 Questions | Uniforms for the Dedicated

The designers from Swedish menswear line Uniforms for the Dedicated took a minute out to answer our questions. True to our stereotypes of Swedes, the answers are at the same time humble, realistic, and logical. Just like their clothing?? Make sure to check out their site for more info on the line.

1. What turned you on to clothing and how old were you when it happened?
It was cold where I grew up, clothes was a necessity.

2. Tell me about your fashion training: fashion school or self-taught? Apprenticeship/internship?
We definitely choose the hard way to enter the industry. No schooling or prior experience. An almost devastating amount of hours of trial and error. At the same time it’s interesting how fast you can learn things. Since we didn’t have any experience a big part of our progress has evolved through a network of people collaborating with Uniforms. Friends, parents, students on internship etc. Everybody helping out in his or her own way.

3. What about being a fashion designer do you like the most? The least?
I could have been a carpenter and answered this question the same way. There is a nice satisfaction seeing an idea coming to life. Since Uniforms is collective of creative people and not only one designer we have more ideas to take into consideration. Fulfilling the ideas we gather as a group is a struggle and at the same time a considerably more interesting and satisfactory way to work.

4. Do you have a muse? If so, who? How does s/he inspire your designs?

No muse… seems too ancient Greek for a designer or creative company in this time and year. We often get inspired by the small things in life, details that make a difference or stand out – lots of music. Some times just beer.

5. Which cities do you find most inspiring? Most fashionable?
I find people inspiring. Doesn’t really matter what city they are in. Interesting people can be found everywhere. The biggest myth is that you have to go to Paris, New York, Tokyo etc to see the latest trends and be inspired. Although for some reason there is a huge crowd of interesting people in Tokyo.

6. If you could change 1 (or more) aspects of the fashion world, what would it be?
Go slow fashion, being creative is not buying something new but perhaps seeing you wardrobe with a new perspective. I really get fed up with the increasing rapid cycles of the fashion industry.

7. What advice would you give to aspiring designers?
Call me, I got loads of advice for free.

8. Favorite stores to shop in?
Bakeries, Always offering a nice range of good(ie)s. Carefully crafted according to tradition and always fresh in the morning.

9. Beside yourself, your favorite designer(s)?
Since no one at Uniforms has the “traditional” background of the fashion industry we certainly have a diverse look on questions like this. Personally I don’t have a favorite designer I enjoy seeing the diverse talent of numerous people.
My favorite designers are all the upcoming people pouring their heart and soul into their projects and trying to make ends in a competitive industry.

10. What’s your dream project?
We always talked about making a difference, but doing it our way and not just something the industry or general crowed expect. Its in progress is all I can say…