10 Questions | The Henry Clay People

The Henry Clay PeopleWe’re on a roll with interviews this week. Another band we’re into right now — The Henry Clay People — who we saw play with Silversun Pickups at the Williamsburg Waterfront and whose video Your Famous Friends we posted last week, took time out of their busy tour schedule to answer our 10 Questions interview.

1. Whos in the band and who plays what?
Joey- Guitar and Vocals; Andy- Guitar and Vocals; Eric- Drums;Jonathan- Bass; Jordan- Piano

2. Whose music has most influenced yours?
The Replacements are my favorite band.

3. Whats your favorite/least favorite aspect of the music industry in the age of the internet?
Favorite- easy access to tons of new music. Least favorite- mystique has been lost and audiences are growing way too fickle.

4. Best show so far? City with the best audience?
Best show on this current tour probably has to go to Atlanta. They were very enthusiastic and we had our buddy Chuck join us on stage to cover a T. Rex tune. Overall our favorite audiences have been Detroit, Portland, Boston, and Chicago. Those kids come out ready to have a good time.

5. Who would you most like to tour with?
The Wrens.

6. In a perfect world, who would you have produce your next record?
Jim Eno from Spoon

7. Lady Gaga yes or no?
Not too into her tunes but I have a lot of respect for her pushing the limits of performance for a modern pop act.

8. Do indie bands have groupies?
Not this indie band.

9. Do you do karaoke? If so, whats your song?
Springsteen. Thunder Road

10. Whats your dirty little secret band/song? (Like that Cher song you cant not sing to in the shower, but would never admit it to anyone EVER.)
Supertramp, Foreigner, and Toto. All those bands start van singalongs.