10 Questions | Local Natives

Local Natives Ken Courtney Interview CITYWe had the pleasure of interviewing 8 bands for the current issue of CITY, which I will post over the next few week here. And yes, we know there are only 8 questions here, but we lied a little to group these with the other 10 Question band interviews.

Up first: Local Natives.

Local Natives’ debut record, Gorilla Manor, dropped this past February to critical and popular acclaim and now the band is out touring to promote it. Described as harmonious and hyperactive, take a listen to the track “Sun Hands” by this band from Silver Lake, and you’ll be hooked.

1. Whose music has most influenced yours?
The influences within the band are pretty eclectic — anywhere from CSNY to Fugazi to Akron Family.

2. What’s your favorite/least favorite aspect of the music industry in the age of the internet?
Probably my favorite aspect is that DIY is a more accessible and realistic option for bands now than it ever was before. My least favorite aspect would be that the internet much of the time, doesn’t allow for a band to get a chance to develop first.

3. Best show so far? City/cities with best audience?
Way too difficult to pick a one favorite show, but we did just recently get to play at Coachella which was pretty surreal for all of us. We have been fortunate enough to play in Paris now twice and both times the audiences have been some of the kindest and most respectful people we have played for.

4. Who would you most like to tour with?
Would love to open for Talking Heads or more recently Dirty Projectors. Every time I see their live show it blows me away.

5. In a perfect world, who would produce your next record?
John Brian or I think I’d also be really interesting to work with Steve Albini.

6. Lady Gaga — yes or no?
Cant say I enjoy her music, but I like some of the stuff that I see she is doing as far as her show and presentation.

7. Do indie bands have groupies?
I would guess that every style band has them.

8. Do you do karaoke? If so, what’s your song?
Very rarely, but if and when, Rock Lobster seems to always bubble up to the top after too many cocktails.