10 Questions | Egyptian Hip Hop

Egyptian Hip Hop

1. Who’s in the band and who plays what?
Egyptian Hip Hop comprises of two Alexs a Nick and a Louis. They all play instruments associated with Popular music – 1950’s onward.

2. Whose music has most influenced yours?
A lot of music has influenced ours, some subliminally some blatantly.

3. What’s your favorite/least favorite aspect of the music industry in the age of the internet?
Album leaks can be good if you’re impatient & bad if you’ve actually made the album.

4. Best show so far? City with the best audience?

Midi Festival in Hyeres, southern france. A phenomenal crowd/venue/atmosphere.

5. Who would you most like to tour with?
Omar Souleyman, Brian Eno and King Crimson (circa 1980) on one tour.

6. In a perfect world, who would you have produce your next record?
Ariel Pink ft. Vangelis would be a pretty interesting production team.

7. Lady Gaga – yes or no?

8. Do indie bands have groupies?
Maybe some bands do, Egyptian Hip Hop just has followers and/or disciples.

9. Do you do karaoke? If so, what’s your song?
Axel FCrazy Frog is a karaoke favourite.

10. What’s your “dirty little secret” band/song? (Like that Cher song you can’t not sing to in the shower, but would never admit it to anyone EVER.)
Tonetta81 Inch Prime Ass. Always singing that one in the shower.